Not a Foreign Message
Does it matter what language you use?

Couscous on Sunday
What is it like to grow up in a family of believers from a Muslim background who live among millions who don’t yet know Jesus Christ?

Meeting the Saviour through the Quran
Soon after arriving in the Middle East, an English teacher invites his students to holy book studies – with dramatic results.

Desperate Enough to Pray
What can you do when nothing happens?

The Messiah Is Not a Liar
Villagers gather at the home of an elderly shaykh who tells stories from the Taurat and Injil. They discover together about the life of following Isa al Masih.

Stoking the Home Fire
A Western couple struggle to find the best approach for establishing a community of Jesus’ followers among nominal Muslims in Eastern Europe.

Uncle, Is It True?
A young man visits his uncle in the city to find out whether he can believe the stories he’s heard about Jesus the Messiah.

About the Stories
What are Fruitful Practice stories?  Who has conducted this study?

Using the Stories
Discussion Guide and a primer on Fruitful Practices.